Minneapolis Advertising Agency, Minneapolis PR Firm: Pocket Hercules


Lakemaid Beer is not just a campaign, but a whole new brand of beer launched by Pocket Hercules to the benefit of three clients: Rapala, Schell’s and the IGFA. The brand, which is owned by Pocket Hercules and licensed to Schell’s and Rapala, was launched completely with social media and public relations. Beer blogs and fishing blogs carried the viral buzz to the all important twenty-something demo. TV news and newspapers, looking for Fishing Opener-related stories, carried the PR story far beyond the enthusiast core. The bottlecap game has become a social phenomenon, a cult favorite of the northwoods lake country bars and cabin culture. In two short years, Lakemaid has become a smashing success and is rapidly expanding.


Intended to evoke the quaint majesty of the North Woods, while also nodding to great beer packaging of yore, Pocket Hercules designed bottle labels that feature one of each of the twelve Lakemaids, and a handsome twelve-pack box that boldly announces itself on crowded store shelves.


How do you reach the angling masses while they're out fishing, cut off from the world of traditional media? You fly a gigantic Lakemaid Beer banner over some of the best fishing lakes in the North Country. Nothing gets guys thirsty like a 90-foot Lakemaid flapping behind a prop plane, as this video attests.

LAKEMAID BEER: Under The Cap Game

With 56 different caps that feature everything from bluegill and muskie to boots and tires, the bottle cap game makes cracking open a cold one even more fun than it already is, and has inspired the creation of Bottle Cap Fishing Tournaments, Bingo and many other games in barrooms and living rooms across the North Country.

LAKEMAID BEER: Airplane Banner

To celebrate both the arrival of the fishing season and seasonal Lakemaid Beer to store shelves, the gigantic Miss Walleye banner flies over Lake Mille Lacs on Fishing Opener Weekend.

LAKEMAID BEER: Miss Walleye Poster LAKEMAID BEER: Species Poster LAKEMAID BEER: Facebook Page

With close to 2,000 friends, the Lakemaid Facebook page provides fans the unique opportunity to regularly converse with the likes of Miss Walleye, Miss Muskie and Miss Perch. It's also a great way to keep building buzz during the long winter when the summer seasonal beer is not available.